Frequently Asked Questions

What is Surgedate? is a site that helps you find true love without the hard work of having to sort through thousands upon thousands of profiles on different online dating sites.
We understand that online dating is a numbers game. With the help of our website, you'll send enough custom messages to receive a response back

How do I start?

Go to and start by selecting a dating website you already have an account for. Then just answer a few simple questions and you're all set!

Is my account information safe?

We at take your privacy seriously.
All accounts are stored in our database for however long your account is being worked on, and is then promptly deleted. We also use multiple forms of encryption to assure then just having one key isn't enough. And if you're still worried, you're more than welcome to change your login information before and after you start the process.

I have a question, comment, or concern!

Head on over to our Contact Us page and let us know!