Surgedate is a site that helps you find true love without the hard work of having to sort through thousands upon thousands of profiles on different online dating sites.

We understand that online dating is a numbers game and with the help of our website, you'll send enough custom messages to receive a response back

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Which dating site?

At the moment, we only support OKCupid


Change settings etc.

Inbox Control

Standard Filters

Set them manually on before you start this program

Custom Filters

Minimum Match Percentage For example, inputting 75, would only send messages to people you have at least a 75 percent match with
Distance between you and your matches
Minimum distance between you and your match
Maximum distance between you and your match
People you want to ignore One username per line

Pickup Line

Click a custom variable to insert it into your Pickup Line
(First Name) (First Name) will convert to either their Username or First Name if found
Multi-lines are supported

The maximum percentage of your free inbox space to use

For example, inputting 50, if your inbox has room for 200 messages, a max of 100 messages will be sent

How should we let you know we're done?

  • Texts coming soon
  • Incremental updates coming soon
We'll send you an email when we're done

OKCupid information

Username Password

We use multiple encryptions to ensure the security of your accounts. We also don't hold onto any information. Feel free to change the account information before and after usage.

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